Are you a travel junkie itching to hit the open road in style? We have the perfect DIY project that will get you up and running in your own custom campervan using our easy to follow, detailed plans for building a bed and kitchen.

Campervans and RVs are gaining popularity as all of our long-distance and international travel plans have ground to a halt. RVs are great for larger families and people who require showers and bathrooms on board, but driving those monsters and towing an extra car is a pain. After travelling through New Zealand and the US in a campervan, I was hooked on the benefits of having a small, self-contained camper that didn’t need to be towed and was easy to maneuver.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a popular choice for a small, family van that can be easily converted for two people to travel comfortably. Turn your minivan into a tiny home on wheels — with a platform bed and a working kitchen!

Our detailed build-out plans make it easy to do yourself! The 26 page PDF offers to-scale drawings, dimensions, various viewing angles, shopping lists and suggestions so you can build the perfect campervan. Check out our pics below to see how ours turned out, then get the plans and do it yourself!


No hotel needed

Travel in a home on wheels!

Easy to drive & park

Go anywhere you would in your car with ease

Road trip in style

Gourmet meals with cocktails? No problem!

No towing

Don't worry about hitching and unhitching

No special license

No large vehicle training or CDL required!

Tons of fun!

Travel anywhere. The sky is the limit!