Build your own campervan kitchen with our easy to follow, detailed plans.

There’s nothing better when you are on the road than kicking back to a delicious home-cooked meal and cold beverage. Our kitchen plans let you do exactly that. This fully operational kitchen gives you loads of counter and storage space and is equipped with a drawer fridge and built in butane stove. Additional storage below the cabinet is easily accessible for larger items or extra drinks, paper towels and other essentials.

Our kitchen design features:

  • Clear pantry storage, removable to access space under cabinet
  • Large plate/utensil drawer
  • Dometic drawer fridge (purchased separately)
  • Basin for removable sink tub & water tub that holds 2 gallon jugs
  • Pull-out stove drawer with utensils storage
  • Removable pot drawer to access 2nd stove and other items below
  • Oil cloth countertop
  • Backsplash with paper towel roll holder
  • Extra storage under cabinet

Our detailed construction plans make it easy to do yourself! The 26 page PDF offers to-scale drawings, dimensions, various viewing angles, shopping lists and suggestions so you can build out a Dodge Grand Caravan (or similar van) with a bed and a fully equipped kitchen. Check out our pics below to see how ours turned out, then get the plans and do it yourself!