DIY Custom Campervan Construction Plans


This 26 page PDF includes detailed instructions, drawings and materials list to build out your own campervan! Plans are based on a 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan with seats removed or stowed, but the basic size and layout can be adapted to many mini-vans. Check out sample pages of the plan in the image gallery, and read the description below for everything that is included in this comprehensive, downloadable PDF.


Plans include:

  • Itemized materials list for bed and kitchen
  • Exact measurements & scale renderings with various views (front, side, back)
  • Bed design with the following:
    • Tri-fold bed mattress
    • Bed frame with underneath storage that folds and stacks to accommodate both second row seats in upright position if needed
  • Kitchen design with the following:
    • Backsplash
    • Countertop with drop in sink tub
    • Removable pantry drawers to allow access to space below kitchen cabinet
    • Plates & utensils drawer
    • 1 cubic foot drawer style Dometic compressor refrigerator
    • Pullout butane burner stove + cooking utensils drawer
    • Removable pots & pans bin to allow access to space below kitchen cabinet