Building the right campervan bed is a breeze if you have our easy to follow, detailed plans.

We started our design with a simple wishlist:

  • Maximum sleeping space
  • Ample storage underneath for bins, gear, clothes, etc.
  • Easy conversion from sleeping to driving
  • Allow for use of middle row stowed seats if desired
  • Ability to charge devices when car is off
  • Mattress that stacks easily and doesn’t obscure driving

We removed one of the middle stow-and-go seats to give ourselves an extra storage space below deck and left the other stowed so we have the ability to accommodate 3 riders with seat belts (when bed frame is stacked). The back seat was removed completely to give extra bed length and space for the kitchen in the hatch. You could easily leave in or remove both middle seats depending on how you intend to use the van in the off-season.

The frame is built with materials that can be easily and inexpensively purchased at your local home improvement store using simple tools like a chop saw, circular or table saw and an electric screwdriver. The finished product gives you 4ft x 6ft of sleeping space! With modifications to the depth of the kitchen (or elimination of the kitchen if not desired), the length of the bed could easily accommodate a taller camper.

Our bed design features:

  • Flip panel at front provides easy conversion from bed to driving, allowing front seats to move forward or back as necessary
  • Carpet top to cover plywood, provide friction and extra cushion for mattress
  • Integrated USB ports conveniently located for charging and access to devices when car is off
  • Comfortable tri-fold foam mattress that stacks easily and doesn’t obscure driving
  • Custom fabric mattress cover with zippers for easy cleaning and one removable foam section
  • Stack and latch platforms when not using as campervan so for access to middle stowed away seats

Our detailed build-out plans make it easy to do yourself! The 26 page PDF offers to-scale drawings, dimensions, various viewing angles, shopping lists and suggestions so you can build out a Dodge Grand Caravan (or similar van) with a bed and a fully equipped kitchen. Check out our pics below to see how ours turned out, then get the plans and do it yourself!